Bones & Banners

"A strategic dice game
and a tactical card game
rolled into one"

Dice Drafting, Bluffing
& Deck Manipulation.

Minimal downtime through
Simultaneous Action Selection
and Variable Turn Order

Bones & Banners is a fantasy field battle game played with dice and cards. Each player commands their own army deck of unit cards that need to defend allied lands and conquer enemy lands for the players to be victorious. Players can also hire advisors and construct useful buildings to better their odds in winning the game.

Each round players roll action dice together in a single dice pool and take turns choosing the dice they need. The dice are then used to activate units that will fight over land cards and the winner of each land contest will earn gold and special abilities that they can activate at the end of each round.

The first player to control lands with
a total value of 1,000 gold is the winner.

The theme of the game is Fantasy Field Battle which puts the player in charge of their own stronghold with infantry, support, cavalry and magical army units that can defend or invade lands and support, ambush, flank, interrupt or revive other units based on their unit type.

While all players start the game with a similar army structure they can also recruit unique mythical and fantastical units from the wild to strengthen their army, hire greedy advisors or build barracks and stables and much more.

143 cards
8 action dice
1 rulebook

Supports 2 players per core game box.
Recommended from 14 years of age.
Expect a total game time of up to 60 minutes.

Created, developed and illustrated by
Tor Viktorsson.

© ├ůskvigg AB